Do you know these crafts and types of the cast refractory bricks?

2018-12-25 15:40:55

 We all know that molten refractories are divided into two types: fused cast refractory bricks and sintered fused bricks.

The fused cast refractory brick refers to a product which is melted by a melting method and then cast into a certain shape. The melting method of the batch material is two, an electrofusion method and an aluminothermic method. The electrofusion method is currently the main method for producing fused cast refractories.
Process for casting refractory bricks: preparation of raw materials, processing, processing, mixing, processing, melting, casting, heat treatment, machining.
There are many types of cast refractory bricks for sunrise refractory materials. The most widely used ones are cast zirconia corundum bricks. Other fused cast products include cast mullite bricks, cast zirconium mullite bricks, fused cast corundum bricks, and fused cast products such as quartz, magnesia, spinel and forsterite. Compared with the sintered product, the molten cast product has the following characteristics: in most cases, the product is dense, the pores are small, the density is high, the mechanical strength is high (a few times larger than the sintered product); the high-temperature structural strength is large; the thermal conductivity High, good slag resistance
The aluminum-zirconium-zirconium melting casting products are mainly used in the melting pool in the glass melting furnace, especially in the areas where the upper layer wall and the feeding port are near the most scoured and eroded, and the service life of the lining of the melting furnace is greatly improved, and at the same time, it can be strengthened. The operation of the furnace increases the melting temperature and correspondingly increases the glass yield and quality per unit area of the tank kiln.
In the metallurgical industry, fused cast products are rarely used directly, but molten cast blocks are used as raw materials, and molten products such as fused corundum bricks, fused magnesia bricks, fused quartz products, and the like are manufactured by a sintering method. The use of these products is remarkable, and therefore, the use range of the cast refractory bricks of sunrise refractory materials is continuously expanding.