Do You Know This Information About corundum bricks?

2018-12-19 17:20:15

 The content of alumina in the corundum brick produced by Zhengzhou sunrise refractory material is more than 90%, so the corundum is the finished refractory material of the crystal phase. The corundum brick of Tianyang refractory has high room temperature compressive strength of up to 340 MPa. Moreover, our corundum bricks have good chemical stability and strong resistance to acidic or alkaline slag, metals and glass. The thermal shock stability is independent of its structure, and the corrosion resistance of the dense finished product is superior, but the thermal shock stability is poor. Zhengzhou Tianyang refractory corundum brick can be divided into sintered corundum brick and fused corundum brick. The sintered alumina and the fused corundum can be used as the material or the alumina clinker having a high Al2O3/SiO2 ratio can be formed by the sintering method together with the sintered alumina. Non-burnt corundum bricks can also be made from phosphoric acid or other binders. It is mainly used in iron blast furnaces and blast furnace hot blast stoves, steel smelting furnaces, sliding water heaters, glass melting furnaces and petrochemical industrial furnaces.

Zhengzhou sunrise refractory mainly produces 33#, 36#, 41# fused zirconium corundum bricks and corundum series insulation bricks. The corundum bricks produced by our factory are widely exported to all over the world and are widely used in the cracking of petrochemical and fertilizer industries. Various types of low temperature kiln linings and kiln furniture in reformer and metallurgical industries.

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