Manufacturer Low Price High Quality AZS Fused Zirconium Corundum Bricks

2018-12-12 17:07:44

 Zhengzhou sunrise refractory AZS fused zirconium corundum bricks is made by purifying raw materials, using special electric arc furnace, and melting casting process by long arc melting and oxidation treatment. This electrofusion process has almost no carbon contamination from the electrodes. Due to the use of this casting process and the use of high-purity raw materials, sunrise refractory AZS fused zirconia corundum products have special, high resistance to glass liquid erosion, and the contamination of the glass liquid is also extremely small.

Below, I will mainly introduce the following fused zirconia corundum products of sunrise refractory materials:
AZS-41 is the most advanced fused zirconia corundum brick with the highest resistance to glass erosion and outstanding low contamination of glass. It is mainly suitable for the parts of glass melting furnace where the corrosion resistance is particularly high, such as all-electric melting furnace, fluid hole, kiln, bubbling brick, feeding corner brick and so on.
AZS-36 is a standard fused zirconia corundum brick with special high resistance to glass erosion and low pollution, and the performance in these two aspects is balanced. It is suitable for the parts of the glass melting furnace that are in direct contact with the glass liquid, such as the brick wall of the melting pool, the paving brick, the feeding port and the like.
AZS-33's fused zirconium corundum brick is particularly advantageous in preventing contamination of glass. It tends to cause stones, bubbles and matrix glass phase to precipitate out of the glass. It is suitable for the upper structure of the melting pool, the wall bricks and paving bricks of the working pool, the material channel, and the like.
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