How to deal with fused zirconia corundum brick casting problem?

2017-06-23 15:00:54

 Pool wall brick in the use of fused zirconia corundum brick, casting hole problem is very bad handling. It is best to use the method of cutting the cast hole made of cast brick. But this price is very expensive fuse, used in the pool wall is not economical. So now most of the use of brick wall brick are cast hole of fused zirconia corundum brick.

This has a question of how to deal with casting holes. In the end cast hole in the good, or outward good? This is from the analysis of brick construction staff. The following figure is a cross-sectional view of fused zirconia corundum brick. Brick can be divided into A, B, c three parts. A Department of the most resistant to erosion, B Department of the second, c the worst. In fact, these three parts do not have a clear dividing line, in order to make the analysis simple can be simplified into this. In the figure (2) is the case of casting holes, Part A is first eroded, and finally part of the B part and the c part.
The advantage of this placement is that at the beginning of the fused zirconia corundum brick is eroded slowly, with little contaminated glass. The disadvantage is that there is a risk of leakage at the end of the pond. And because of the complex distribution of casting holes, often in the case of any pre-signs of sudden leakage of material. So this method of placement is only used in the bottom of the pool wall and the pool of work pool. These parts of the low temperature, slow erosion. In the figure (3) is the casting hole inward. Most of the most resistant to erosion of this method was left behind. The advantage is that the late furnace safety is high, there will be no sudden leakage of material. The disadvantage is that the use of early brick is eroded quickly, will pollute the glass. This method is generally used in areas where the wall is severely damaged. In order to compensate for the shortcomings of the above two methods, there have been inclined pouring bricks.
This fused zirconia corundum bricks are placed underneath the outside. From the figure (4) can be seen, so placed, both to ensure the use of security, but also the most corrosion of the A part of the full play its effect. At the same time than the cut to cast brick prices low. So it is widely used.