For the development of refractory brick industry to provide new and good opportunities

2017-09-11 09:42:50

 China's metallurgical industry will continue to develop steadily, in the number of scale growth rate will slow down, but in improving quality, develop varieties and reduce energy consumption are required to achieve a higher level. Therefore, backward, old technology and equipment will be gradually eliminated, and advanced technology and equipment to promote the application will be accelerated. For example, in the iron and steel industry, furnace and small blast furnace, converter and electric furnace will be eliminated, and continuous casting and furnace refining will be faster and development and application. These conditions will provide a new and good opportunity for the development ofrefractory bricks, as well as new and stringent requirements for the quality of refractory bricks and will lead to more intense use among hundreds of refractory tiles manufacturers in China competition.

They have to struggle to survive and develop, and the decisive factors are as follows:
(1) product quality stability and reliability;
(2) the production of more refractory bricks affordable, competitive and efficient products;
(3) the ability to develop a better use of high quality new products, and provide good after-sales service.
It is foreseeable that the future of China's refractory industry will adjust the product structure, increase the production of highly efficient products. We should accelerate the development of efficient bauxite products, further improve their quality and reduce costs. The competition between refractory bricks and unshaped materials (including preforms) will continue in the future. The proportion of production of amorphous materials will be greater growth, and efficient castables will lead the position: in this regard, the powder process; (preparation and application) should be a research and development as a focus.